T-Ball 5U

Boys & Girls Ages 4-5 will start their baseball experience hitting off the 'T' and learning the basics. A great introductory division for those young baseball fans new to the game & ready to learn!! Children who are 5(and have previous experience) will have the option to register for 6U T-Ball(Mix Coach Pitch) .

T-Ball 6U

Boys & Girls 5-6. T-Ball 6U(Mix Coach Pitch/ 'T') is a division designed for the more advanced 5 year olds and 6 year olds. This division will focus more on age appropriate skills and teaching while keeping score and further preparing children for the Rookie level once they turn 7. Parents will have the option to register 5 year olds for beginner level T-Ball 5U or advanced level T-Ball 6U.

Rookie 7-8

Players age 7-8. The Rookie Division is machine pitch and builds on the basic skills learned in tee-ball. Fall Season is designed as an introductory season for those moving up from 6U, with the machine pitch set to a slower speed.

Minors 9-10

Players age 9-10. The Minors division is where the kids begin pitching to each other, advancing on passed balls, stealing bases and really learning the great game of baseball.

Majors 11-12

Players Age 11-12, The complete baseball experience with runners leading, pitchers picking off runners and a larger 50/70 field. (50' Pitcher Mound/ 70' Bases).

Challenge Tournament Teams

8U, 9U, 10U,11U,12U.......These teams consist of our REC(Rookie-Majors) players who would like to increase their baseball experience by playing in (8-12) additional games (weekends) at a higher level. Challenge Tournament Ball provides an advanced level of competition against surrounding association teams. This experience is guaranteed to excel a child in the sport they love! ******Please register for tryouts in our 'Camps & Clinics' section. All age appropriate REC baseball players are welcome to tryout.

Babe Ruth 13U

Boys Age 13 - First experience on the full sized diamond ... 60'6" mound / 90' bases. Participates in Union County Babe Ruth (UCBR) program

Babe Ruth 15U

Boys Age 14-15 Now that the introduction to the full sized diamond is taken care of - chance to grow into it with continued participation with UCBR.

Babe Ruth 18U

Boys Age 16-18 Participates with UCBR and neighboring Babe Ruth programs