Updated Thursday June 25, 2015 by Waxhaw Baseball.

Minors players continue to build on the fundamentals introduced in T-Ball and Rookie as they adjust to kid pitch and base stealing.



Age 9-10

***WAA has designated our Fall Seasons as our introductory season. EXPERIENCED players age 8 may move up during a Fall Season as long as they turn 9 during the course of the following Spring Season(ending May 31).


Practices & Games



Teams have up two practices per week depending on coach and field availability.  If you have any practice time conflicts, please note those in the comment sections during the registration process. 

***Outside of Scheduling, Special Requests cannot be granted at this level***

Practices are held at either Waxhaw Elementary School or H.C. Nesbit Park (behind Kensington Elementary School).

Teams play a 12 game schedule with teams playing typically 2 games during a week.

All games will be played at H.C. Nesbit Park (behind Kensington Elementary School) or Waxhaw Elementary Minors/Majors Field.  Minors games are 6 innings and have a 2 hour time limit.


Equipment Needed

The registration fee covers the cost of uniform shirts, pants, hat, belt, & socks, as well as an end of season trophy.

Each child will also need a baseball glove.  Cleats are not required but are recommended.  Many players have their own helmet and / or baseball bat, but it is not required.

Sporting goods charts recommend a bat that is 28" - 30" for Minors age players - with the weight no more than 20 oz.

See 'News' area of the website for the Baseball Bat regulations.

Keep in mind that professional baseball players are always trying to improve their bat head spead, so being able to swing the bat is very important.  The bat weight needs to be something the player can easily manage.



Registration for Minors is $200.  The fees cover the cost of league and state registration fees, insurance, equipment, field maintenance, Umpires, utility costs, uniforms and trophies.




Coaches at this level are volunteers.  They willingly give of their time and energy to our young players.  In return for their efforts they receive our appreciation, memories made with the children and a group of smiling faces.  Please consider becoming a coach.